Jaâfar Berrada and Rémy Le Boënnec are pleased to invite you to the 5th session of the 2021 ANTHEM webinars
on mobility and energy that will take place
on Thursday, July 8 from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. (CET)

The VEDECOM ANTHEM project (“Technical-Economic Analysis of New Mobility Systems”), led by Jaâfar, addresses new mobility, charging and energy systems through a technical-economic approach that integrates the perspectives of different actors and stakeholders: mobility providers with their operational conditions, users and their behavior and the territories as well as the State whose aim is to offer a coherent mobility system to its citizens.

This project is attached to Domain 3 of VEDECOM: “New mobility solutions and shared energies”.

For this fifth session, we will have the pleasure of hearing:

• Dirk LAUINGER, PhD candidate (Risk Analytics and Optimization Chair, Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland): “Reliable frequency regulation through electricity storage: An analytical solution”

• Pr. Afzal SIDDIQUI (Professor, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University and Adjunct Professor, Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis, Aalto University): “Strategic use of storage: The impact of carbon policy, resource availability, and technology efficiency on a renewable-thermal power system”

The proposed format is twice 30 minutes of presentation, each time followed by 5 to 10 minutes of discussion and finally 5 to 10 minutes of questions from the public collected by chat.

Here is the Teams link for the connection

We hope to see you at the webinar!