Commitment to CSR: VEDECOM Institute receives the LUCIE 26000 label!

At VEDECOM au Futur, VEDECOM’s internal corporate day, the Institute was officially presented with the LUCIE 26000 label. This award not only winds up a year of preparations but also demonstrates VEDECOM’s solid commitment to a demanding and long-term approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Fully aligned with the Institute’s raison d’être, the LUCIE 26000 label paves the way towards implementing a commitment plan that will be rolled out over the next three years.

Committed to a solid and sustainable CSR approach

In keeping with its mandate as an Institute for Energy Transition, VEDECOM has been building a strongly committed CSR approach for over a year now, an effort that requires both single-minded rigour and long-term vision. In the process, the Institute determined the LUCIE 26000 label an ideal means of supporting and challenging its ultimate goals. When it comes to medium-sized French organisations, LUCIE is the reference label for CSR. What’s more, the LUCIE community offers effective CSR solutions and tools to unite “organisations who share the same desire to make the world a more equal and respectful place for people and territories”. This timely and cutting-edge label can only obtained from assessing a company’s three-year commitment plan.

A year of preparations for the LUCIE 26000 label

First awarded on 3 December 2019, the label was officially presented to the Institute by Ms Saliha MARIET, the Director of LUCIE Operations, on Thursday, 30 January 2020.

This great honour is the result of an entire year of preparations, whereby an internal assessment allowed VEDECOM to measure its commitment and proficiency with respect to the ISO 26000 standard. Over 25 employees took part in workgroups to discuss the 7 core issues of CSR: governance, human rights, labour practices, the environment, fair operating practices, consumer issues and community involvement and development. This assessment was completed through an audit, carried out by Bureau Veritas, with the auditor praising the Institute’s excellent maturity in terms of its approach, the strong commitment demonstrated by all and the quality of life at the mobiLAB. Based on this comprehensive analysis, the CSR Working Group drafted a commitment plan structured around 18 key improvement areas. Thanks to the credibility and relevance of this programme, presented in the labelling committee, the Institute was awarded the LUCIE 26000 label.

A label of commitment

This distinction highlights VEDECOM’s commitment as a responsible organisation towards its employees, partners and, more broadly, the common good.

What’s more, it holds the Institute accountable with respect to the 40 commitments in its plan, which covers all CSR issues. Whether it’s conducting a carbon assessment of the Institute, building eco-design into the framework of its activities, promoting local or integrated supply chains or including a chapter on competition rules in the code of ethics, these commitments will be regularly assessed over the next three years, which will determine the renewal of the label at the end of the three-year period.

By presenting the label at the Institute’s annual internal event, the culmination of a solid collective project was recognised, a project that was driven by each and every employee in 2019. It also set ambitious goals for everyone, thus enabling the Institute to perform to the highest standards. During the afternoon of this corporate day, the event was made even more meaningful with the creation of a large mural dedicated to the climate. VEDECOM has thereby become the first institute to be awarded the LUCIE 26000 label: a source of pride for its teams and a means of strengthening the image and drawing power of the ITE, which is dedicated to sustainable mobility.

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