Demonstration of VEDECOM autonomous shuttles at Bercy

Notable appearances for Framboise and Litchi on Monday 2 December 2019. The autonomous shuttles were at the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Bercy for the Automotive Industry Day organised by the PFA (French Automotive Industry). VEDECOM had been invited there to perform autonomous shuttle demonstrations and present an autonomous vehicle in the courtyard at Bercy, alongside manufacturers’ latest innovations.

A day to help the automotive industry adapt to the profound changes underway

At a perilous time for the automotive industry, professionals in the field fear being stuck between the downturn in the global market and the heavy investment needed to embrace the ecological transition. This was the context behind the day organised by the PFA to give companies in the industry an insight into the main evolutions and the tools available. The aim was to help companies adapt to the profound transformations taking place. The event was held at the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Bercy and was attended by Luc Chatel, president of the PFA and Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance

VEDECOM and VEDECOM Tech, ambassadors of autonomous mobility

In addition to various talks, stands and new vehicles were on display in the courtyard: electric vehicles, rechargeable hybrid vehicles, hydrogen vehicles… VEDECOM and its commercial subsidiary VEDECOM Tech had a stand there with an autonomous Zoé, the delegated-driving vehicle demonstrator developed by the Institute and regularly tested on the tracks at Satory in Versailles. Framboise and Litchi, EasyMile’s two EZ10 autonomous shuttles with wide perception, implemented by VEDECOM Tech, were used on Allée Jean Monnet to transport visitors through the building complex from the entrance gate to the courtyard. In keeping with its mission, the Training team offered an autonomous vehicle quiz to put everyone’s knowledge to the test.

Focus on VEDECOM’s research activity regarding autonomous mobility

The Institute devotes one of its three R&D domains to driving delegation and connectivity with more than 60 employees across 15 different disciplines. Generating enriched data to validate the autonomous vehicle, multi-sensory perception and decision systems to navigate the autonomous vehicle, reliable and low-latency communication for smart mobility or smart sensors and infrastructure for the connected vehicle… The major strategic approaches deployed by VEDECOM address a variety of themes covering all issues related to the autonomous vehicle.

The Institute is also working on five national projects including the Paris-Saclay Autonomous Lab project, and the SAM project for safety and acceptability of the autonomous vehicle, for which it provides project management. It is also involved in 10 European projects, including Autopilot, AutoMate and Headstart.

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