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OPTICITIES is a European project that brings together a number of cities (Birmingham, Gothenburg, Lyon, Madrid, Turin and Wroclaw), research institutes and private partners in order to put forward new interoperable, multimodal transport services.

Its aim is to optimise the regulation of urban traffic, to coordinate different modes of transport and, finally, to provide a high standard of information for all modes of transport in real time.

Research themes

VEDECOM has contributed to the OPTICITIES project in a number of ways:

  • Recommendations on the integration of multimodal transport data from major cities and proposal of an ISO standard
  • Study and prototyping of smartphone/vehicle interconnection to ensure the continuity of multimodal mobility (prototype, tests and usage studies)
  • Studies on the acceptability of multimodal mobility services

Project description

VEDECOM has put forward recommendations that aim to facilitate the interconnection of transport data (GDF and Transmodel) used by the ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) platforms in major cities. This recommendation took the form of a proposal that was submitted to ISO and should be published in 2016.

Together with its car maker partners, VEDECOM is working on specifying methods for the integration of these dynamic multimodal mobility and car-pooling services within the on-board navigation systems of vehicles. The smartphone is the tool of choice for multimodal navigation; however, continuity of use throughout a multimodal journey, including in a passenger car, means that these services need to be integrated into the car’s on-board navigation system, taking ergonomics and safety constraints into account.

Thanks to its network of academic and industrial partners, VEDECOM has been able to provide OPTICITIES with its expertise in analysing usage and acceptability of multimodal navigation and dynamic carpooling among drivers. The test campaign implemented by VEDECOM among a group of users in Lyon has led to recommendations on the integration of these services into future vehicles.

Future prospects

The key players in the transfer of results from OPTICITIES in terms of smartphone/vehicle interfacing for multimodal navigation will be the cities themselves. The integration of new mobility and car-pooling services within vehicles will depend on their adoption of a common standard.

VEDECOM would therefore like to pursue the OPTICITIES initiative via a European consortium bringing together a number of car makers to specify a standard for submission to the European Commission so that it can be established as a recommendation. Such a project would encourage the development of short-distance car-pooling services and cars to be fully integrated in a global mobility offering.

Partners involved

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