Fouzzi Boukhalfa devant un pelont de véhicules phares allumés

Fouzi Boukhalfa, phd student at VEDECOM, defends a thesis on “Low latency Radio and Visible Light Communication for Autonomous Driving”

Thesis Direction: Paul Muhlethaler, Directeur de Recherche, responsable de l’équipe EVA à l’INRIA Paris

The event will occur at l’INRIA Paris and online on the 29th of September 2021 from 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM, in French

Live Event on Teams

This thesis deals with vehicle wireless networks and, more specifically, the use of radio transmission and Visible Light Communication (VLC) to improve vehicle safety. The thesis is motivated by the reliability and scalability issues of the IEEE 802.11p standard. The idea is to move towards new techniques, especially in future 803.11bd standards, and to combine radio transmission with VLC to enable hybrid communication.

“The first part of the thesis concerns the development of a low latency radio access technique in vehicular networks. The idea of ​​the solution is to combine classical TDMA techniques and advanced mechanisms of competitive protocols using active signaling. This solution has been specified, evaluated, and compared to other solutions from literature. This part also introduces a special access scheme for high priority emergency packets, while ensuring reliable and low latency access.

The second part of the thesis concerns visible light communication for platoon control. The idea is to develop an algorithm to select the radio communication, proposed in the first part, and visible light communication based on the radio channel conditions and platoon alignment”.