Picto Vehicule electrification


  • Greater driving range: greater battery capacity creating the need for faster charging related to possible new uses
  • Improved ergonomics and user time: automated charging – wireless charging
  • Opportunities with the V2x network and its infrastructure: incorporation into the Smart Grid and development of vehicle services

All whilst working on pre-competitive standardisation

Research themes

  • Rapid static charging systems
  • Dynamic charging systems (while driving)
  • V2H (Vehicle-to-Home), V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid), vehicle charger
  • Future multi-terminal charging stations and ‘boost charge’ networks
  • Pre-competitive standardisation
  • Inter-operability (tests, standards, studies, etc.)

Project description

Dynamic inductive charging

  • Analysis, state of the art
  • Developing an innovative solution
  • Defining pre-normative orientations


  • Understanding the rules for network connection and defining electrical security concepts
  • Defining ‘reversible charger’ specifications
  • Defining pre-normative orientations


  • Identifying the needs between vehicles, electricity network, EnR and site
  • Putting forward solutions to reduce infrastructure costs (CAPEX & OPEX)
  • Developing energy management algorithms and communications
  • Defining pre-normative orientations


  • Taking the solutions developed at VEDECOM to the various standardisation groups
  • Working to achieve a consensus on future standards
  • Being able to demonstrate and validate the “standard concepts

Future prospects

Trialling the solutions developed at the future Satory centre of electrification excellence.

Partners involved

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