A look back over VEDECOM’s participation in the 12th European ITS Congress in Strasbourg

The VEDECOM Institutes for Energy Transition were heavily involved in the intelligent transport systems congress in Strasbourg. The teams participated in several conferences, presented two unprecedented demonstrations, and signed a training partnership agreement with the Telecom Evolution and ESTACA schools.

Great success with the cross-border, on-demand transport system
The demonstration given in Strasbourg of an on-demand autonomous mobility service was a great success with the congress VIPs, journalists, and participants. This experiment combined two cutting-edge technologies: a concept car with driverless technology and an on-demand transport service.

This experimental service on the open road in urban areas in France and Germany was tested by a hundred people who were able to experience their very first driverless “robot taxi”. Everyone was impressed to experience this taste of tomorrow’s new transportation option.

Major interest in the Altaïr “estimation of mobility flows in a region” application demonstration
This application predicts mobility flows in a territory based on machine learning, using new sources of digital, heterogeneous data. This data comes from INSEE census surveys on home-work travel, traffic volume measurements, and transport networks as well as “floating car” data from Mediamobile. These advances were made in partnership with the University of Technology of Belfort Montbeliard (UTBM).

Making the partnership between VEDECOM, Telecom Evolution, and ESTACA official
During the congress, the management of the training programme organised for a partnership agreement between VEDECOM, Telecom Evolution and ESTACA to be signed at the Institutes’ stand. The agreement involves co-designing and rolling out a continuous training module dedicated to technologies and the socioeconomic effects of an autonomous, connected car.

This training, the detailed contents of which were presented at the exhibition, will cover all aspects of driverless vehicles, taking a systemic view of the question. You can view the explanatory flyer by clicking here

To see the  VEDECOM video at ITS Strasbourg, click here.

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