Rambouillet Territoires turns to Altaïr Mobilités

On 11 February 2019, VEDECOM, the French department of Yvelines, and Rambouillet Territoires signed a partnership agreement to conduct studies on the train stations in Gazeran and Rambouillet. The goal was to identify current and future parking opportunities to promote intermodal transportation. In time, this work should also help optimize product offer and transportation management strategies in rural areas within Yvelines, which are typically located far from service and employment centres. Residents of these areas do not regularly use intermodal transportation methods.

This experiment uses Altaïr Mobilités, an innovative decision-making tool developed by the VEDECOM Institute. This multi-source solution uses ground-breaking AI technologies to combine the diverse range of mobility data that are now available, including GPS data from cars, demographics, public transit ticketing information, mapping, smartphone applications, and more.

This agreement is part of the Department of Yvelines’ work to facilitate the roll-out of innovative mobility services through its region. The department has provided the VEDECOM Institute with 20 million euros for the 2014-2023 period.

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