With the arrival of new services and uses of electric, hybrid, autonomous and shared mobility, the transport and automotive ecosystem is undergoing unprecedented changes, both social, economic and technological. A “Mobility” sector is emerging, more complex and multifaceted. There is a growing need to share and understand a common language between all mobility actors, from designer to user. To clarify the issues related to new mobility, VEDECOM, a French Institute for Energy Transition (ITE), is launching Mobtips, the first reference system dedicated to “the words of mobility”. Mobtips’s mission is to share a French common vocabulary and make the changes and new mobility concepts understandable to a large audience in a fun way.To visit VEDECOM’s Mobtips site: https://mobtips.fr This initiative received financial support from the SGPI (French State investments for future programs) and the Automotive Industry Platform (PFA).

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