List of ongoing projects, main funding and partners:

GMP 48V-40KW

GMP 48V-40kW: development of a low voltage (48V) hugh power (40kW) e-drive, based on multiphase electric machines Logo rouge et bleu France 2030 Renault Group, Stellantis, Total 2020-2022    


SMEHT: High Voltage E-motor Systems
Support the transition of 400 V e-motors systems (electric machines & inverters) towards high voltage + 800 V
Logo rouge et bleu France 2030 Renault Group, Stellantis 2020-2021    


HiDePE: High Density Power Electronics using wide bandgap semiconductors
Accompany new power electronics towards a better integration of Wide Bandgap (WBG) semiconductors to profit from their higher performance ratings
Logo rouge et bleu France 2030 Renault Group, Stellantis 2020-2022    


PLANCTONS: multiphysical numerical platform for cabin energy management and occupant thermal comfort allowing the intelligent integration and coordination of low consumption auxiliaries Logo rouge et bleu France 2030 Renault Group, Valeo, Stellantis, Faurecia 2020-2023 Descriptive sheet  


VERA: Electric Vehicle without Range limits
Extend the range of electric vehicles threw inductive wireless charging
Logo rouge et bleu France 2030 Renault Group, Stellantis, EDF  2020-2023 Descriptive sheet  


ICOFI: Optimized, Reliable and Intelligent Charging Infrastructure
Contribute to the massive deployment of electric vehicles and enchance their integration with the e-mobility infrastructure by enabling smartcharging solutions
Logo rouge et bleu France 2030 Renault Group, Stellantis, EDF 2020-2023    
Large demonstratIoN of user CentrIc urban and long-range charging solutions to boosT an engaging deployment of Electric Vehicles in Europe.
European project coordinated by CIRCE
Atos, AVERE, Ayto.Zaragoza, Bitbrain, Bursa, Colas, Ville de Paris, Citta’di Torino, Eesti Energia, Eles, Enedis, Eurovia, EVBox, Links, FPT, Circe, Greenflux, Groupe Renault (coordinateur), Idneo, Tria, IREN, Pitpoint, Potechnico di Torino, Prima Electro, MRA, Stellantis, QIEurope, REE, Stadwerke Norderneu, Université Gustave Eiffel, University Ljubljana, We Drive Solar 2020-2023 Descriptive sheet

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MOBENA: a project bringing together all players in the value chain, to deploy next generation e-mobility services, including plug & charge and smartcharging, according to ISO15518 Consortium MOBENA Atos, Chargepoly, CRITT M2A, EDF, FEV France, Gireve, Groupe Renault, Hager, IES Synergy, Legrand, Nexans Power Accessories France, SAP Labs, Schneider Electric, Stations-e, Stellantis, Thales, Total Energies, Valeo, Vinci Energies
Comité d’initiative : AFIREV, AVERE France, GIMELEC, PFA, UFE



News from the launch of the Mobena Project (2021)

Presentation of the Mobena Initiative (2020)



List of closed projects, their main funding and VEDECOM partners:



VEH1: New electric machines.
Reduce cost and increase their power density
Logo rouge et bleu France 2030 PSA Group, Groupe Renault, Valeo, Safran, Cetim, Geeps, SATIE/ENS Cachan, Université de Paris-Saclay 2014-2020 Descriptive sheet  


VEH2: New power electronics
Reduce costs, increase volume compactness and enhance cooling
Logo rouge et bleu France 2030 ENS Cachan, Geeps, IFP Energies Nouvelles, Groupe Renault, PSA Group, Safran, 2014-2020 Descriptive sheet  


VEH3: E-motors and power electronics reliability
Master reliability and lifetime of electric and hybrid vehicles’ most innovative components in order to reduce their production cost
Logo rouge et bleu France 2030 ENS Cachan, IFSTTAR (Université Gustave Eiffel)Groupe Renault, PSA Group, Safran,Valeo 2014-2020 Descriptive sheet  


VEH04: Low consumption auxiliaries and energy management
New approach to adaptive, personalized and high energy thermal comfort
Logo rouge et bleu France 2030 CES Mines ParisTech, EMPA, Groupe Renault, Valeo, Stellantis, Faurecia, Safran 2014-2020 Descriptive sheet  


VEH06: Innovative charging systems
Enhance range, user experience and charging time, investigating the opportunity of bidirectional EV charging
Logo rouge et bleu France 2030 EDF, Geeps, PSA Group, Groupe Renault, Stellantis 2015-2020 Descriptive sheet  


VEH07: Electromagnetic compatibility
Account for electromagnetic compatibility since early design phases to reduce interference and electromagnetic field exposures of people and equipment
Logo rouge et bleu France 2030 PSA Group, Groupe Renault, Valeo, Geeps, ESIGELEC/IRSEEM 2014-2020 Descriptive sheet  


FABRIC: Feasability analysis and development of roadside charging systems of electric vehicles.
Demonstration of dynamic wireless upt to 20kW for 2 vehicles simultanously charging
23 partners
Partners of VEDECOM on the Versailles Satory demonstration website: Groupe Renault, IFSTTAR (Université Gustave Eiffel), Qualcomm
2015-2018 Résultats du projet sur Cordis Europa project website : closed

Easily distributed Personal Rapid Transit
Develop a concept of light and compact car-sharing electric vehicles that can be “nested”
Porteur : CEA-Liten 2015-2018 Descriptive sheet

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