Entropy, a premier start-up resulting from the VEDECOM Institute’s work on the analysis of mobility manager’s needs through artificial intelligence

What are the movement patterns ? Which modes of transport are used ? Which routes ? Entropy, the new start-up stemming from the VEDECOM Institute’s research work, offers communities as well as individual actors a tool for understanding, measuring, and analysing all mobility requirements within a given territory. By means of an artifical intelligence which models flows, Entropy makes it possible to acquire detailed knnowledge of a territory’s mobility in order to make decisions on and evaluate the necessary facilities or services, bypassing field surveys.

Entropy provides predictive multi-sources software that uses wide-ranging data sources : GPS from cars, demographics, transport networks…A display interface enables the observation of all journeys made within a territory during a standard 24-hour day on an interactive map.

The use of artificial intelligence has many advantages : reactive, the Entropy’s tool provides 100% coverage in France, and is as accurate as face-to-face field surveys, but at lower cost.

The startup has set an ambitious objective : to establish itself by 2022 as the leader in demand estimation for mobility managers in France.

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