European project

Picto vehicule electrification


  • Development and testing of vehicle charging solutions
  • Future-looking assessment of the related ICTs
  • Specifications of infrastructures, road and electricity networks
  • Long-term socio-economic impacts, feasibility studies for the full-scale implementation of electromobility.

Research themes

  • Reduction of greenhouse gases in air pollution
  • Reduction in the use of fossil fuels for transports
  • Vehicle electrification
  • Greater autonomy of electric vehicles
  • Dynamic wireless vehicle charging
  • Large-scale roll-out of electromobility
FABRIC Project

Project description

In order to assess the technological feasibility, the long-term viability of dynamic, the wireless charging solutions for future electronic vehicles and the large-scale roll-out of electromobility, specially adapted electric vehicles, new technologies and road and electrical infrastructures will be set up at three test sites in Italy, France and Sweden.

Tests and prototypes validations will be conducted to produce a feasibility study and in-depth impact assessment covering users, society and the environment.

Future prospects

  • Adaptation of road and electricity infrastructures to support the roll-out of dynamic wireless vehicle charging
  • Development of demonstrators for static, stationary and dynamic charging
  • Study into the risks from induced electromagnetic fields: impact on health and vehicle operation
  • Contribution to the development of standards
  • Large-scale feasibility study of roll-out of dynamic charging solutions and economic viability study

Partners involved

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