Discover in this video the first results of the French team of the European 5G-MOBIX project. This demonstration shows two use cases of 5G for connected and automated mobility.The combination of low latency and very high data rates provides greater reliability and security, even in low visibility or cross-border areas.

Coordinated by VEDECOM, the French trial site of the H2020 5G-MOBIX project tested the contribution of 5G during “infrastructure-assisted advanced driving” and the maintenance of service in cross-border conditions.

Carried out on the Versailles Satory runway, the demonstration presents use cases tested in France and in the Spain-Portugal cross-border corridor: the automated lane change of a level 4 vehicle assisted by the infrastructure when a basic vehicle is inserted; then maintaining connectivity between two networks (TDF and Bouygues).

The French 5G-MOBIX trial site is coordinated by VEDECOM in partnership with AKKA technologies, Valeo, Catapult. TDF contributed its expertise in critical networks and mobile edge computing by equipping the test runaway with a 5G infrastructure.

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