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Picto shared mobility and energy


Norm-Atis is a French industrial research project led by VEDECOM and backed by the French national research agency (ANR) The project runs from January 2014 to June 2017 and aims to develop a dynamic visualisation platform for multi-modal, georeferenced mobility data by building applications and web services.

To establish an overall understanding of mobility behaviour within a territory, the approach put forward by Norm-Atis (New Standard to develop Advanced Transportation Information Services) aims to create interoperability between diverse Big Data sources (telephone data, mobile apps, GPS data from tracer vehicles or institutional data).

Research themes

  • Multi-modal transport
  • Modelling mobility flows
  • Merging multi-source data
  • Machine learning
  • Automatic learning of mobility patterns

Project description

Among other things, the project will facilitate analysis of mobility requirements, the optimisation of transport networks, the measurement of the attractiveness of a territory, and the forecasting of changes in mobility behaviour.

Our research work focuses on the methods used to merge data on mobility. It will use machine learning to transfer the information taken from different sources to build a comprehensive estimate of mobility flows. The final result contains all the information from each of the source databases. The objective of this merger is to hone our understanding of the modes, reasons and spatial and temporal accuracy of travel flows.

Future prospects

Implementation of tools and services for use in mobility analysis.

Partners involved

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