Mission statement

The purpose of the VEDECOM Institute’s, which boasts extensive expertise in its three fields of research, is to:

  • Support skill development in the automotive industry staff on our research fields.
  • Support innovating mobility solutions integration
  • Increase attractivity of the mobility sector for the young.

VEDECOM’s training offer

The VEDECOM Institute brings together a high level of expertise in its three fields of research. The scope of our expertise allows us to share our technical excellence and the forward-looking vision of our experts, to explore the socio-economic challenges raised by new technologies and uses of mobility and to mix theoretical and experimental training.

Topics adressed :

  • context, technical problems and social challenges
  • human factors : behaviour and uses
  • civil liability and legal status
  • rise of new mobility solutions and services
  • infrastructure development
  • relation with public policies
  • accessibility and social inclusion


  • The participants have access to simulators, laboratories, prototyping workshops, demonstrators and a test track (Satory) and benefit, amongst others, from digital tools favouring interaction.
  • Our offer is based on our academic partners’ network
  • Continuous and initial training
  • Our training courses can be organized within a company. We consider all specific training requests relating to our fields of expertise. Our custom designed solutions adapt to your issues.

Partners’ offer