Research, Development & Innovation Projects

The VEDECOM Institute conducts various types of partnership research, development and innovation projects with the same objective: to support the energy transition and the evolution of mobility.
These projects are designed to strengthen French technological sovereignty and develop industrial champions.

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VEDECOM drives different types of projects depending on partnerships and funding.


France 2030 Projects: from innovation to technology transfer

At the heart of its activity, the projects, formerly known as “PIA” (Programme Investir l’Avenir) and now called “France 2030”, are co-constructed and financed by industrialists (large groups, ETIs and SMEs), academics and territories and funded by the State. The idea is to support partnership research in order to jointly remove scientific barriers.

VEDECOM intervenes on non-competitive or not very competitive subjects, between fundamental research and industrialisation (Technology Readyness Level 4 to 6). The objective of each project is to produce scientific results, develop intellectual property assets and transfer technologies and knowledge to industry. 

The State’s contribution is defined by the ANR in proportion to industrial investments and according to the more or less upstream nature of the work (European RDI scale). The Institute’s France 2030 projects are generally funded at 50%.

VEDECOM is constantly conducting some fifteen France 2030. Tjey usually last during 2 to 3 years. The France 2030 projects are validated and monitored by the ANR (French National Research Agency) and a Bureau issued from the Board of Directors.

For each project, a Steering Committee allows the partners to collaborate technically, to follow the progress of the different deliverables and to access the results.

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European Projects

VEDECOM regularly contributes to European projects related to its scientific roadmap, involving some partners. The Transversal Domain’s Europe Unit constantly monitors calls for projects and identifies partners, sets up consortium projects and applies. These projects often involve several VEDECOM research areas. There are three types of European projects:

Research Innovation Action (RIA)

Bilateral research services

B2B services are unilateral contracts between VEDECOM and its partners. VEDECOM makes its various platforms and expertise available to its partners, such as studies or prototyping.

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