Regards croisés about autonomous cars

VEDECOM will participate at the Regards Croisés 2022 congress about automated mobiliy. This congress will take place on September 1, 2022  (to be define) from 13H45 to 15H30 at Maison de la RATP, 54 Quai de la Rapée 75012 PARIS.

Stéphanie Coeugnet, R&D Director for New Mobility Solutions and Shared Energy, will speak at 2:40 p.m. during the round table: “Myths and realities of autonomous mobility in rural areas”.

This round table will be an opportunity to discuss the needs of the territories and the uses of automated mobility. What is the acceptability of French people and local elected officials? She will be taling with Cédric Szabo, GEneral Manager of the Association of Rural Mayors of France (AMRF).

More information on SIA website