New mobility solutions


COSMOS The Coordination and Support Action (CSA) “COherent Support for MObility.E Strategy” (COSMOS) aims to support and accelerate the deployment of clean and automated road mobility solutions and the realisation of the associated socio-economic benefits. This is primarily achieved by supporting the ECSEL Lighthouse Initiative Mobility.E, strengthening collaboration between stakeholders and assisting the Lighthouse Initiative Advisory Service (LIASE) for Mobility.E in the continuous identification and prioritisation of research topics CEE 2018- Descriptive sheet

Taking the individual into account to adapt new mobilities, accept them and improve the safety of interActions: better understanding the functioning of the individual in order to propose mobilities adapted to his expectations and needs while improving his safety

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Analyse TEcHnico-Economique des nouveaux systèmes de Mobilité

Tackles the new mobility, charging and energy systems according to a technical-economic approach that integrates operators, users and territories as well as the State whose aim is to offer a coherent mobility system to its citizens.

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