VEDECOM meets with local authorities at the Salon des Maires

This year once again, VEDECOM and VEDECOM Tech have enjoyed an opportunity to meet with local authority representatives at the Salon des Maires exhibition. The yearly national event for public procurement stakeholders was held on 19-21 November 2019 at the Porte de Versailles exhibition centre in Paris. An ideal opportunity for the Institute to present four innovative solutions to assist local authorities in their deployment of new mobility solutions: Marque ta Route (Mark your Road) and VEDETECT, alongside M’OBS and the interoperable supervisor for autonomous vehicles with enhanced perception.

An exhibition stand delving deep into the key issues facing local authorities

Located within the Transport and Vehicles zone, the Institute hosted an impressive stand at the Salon des Maires et des Collectivités Locales. Equipped with two didactic wall panels featuring both graphic artwork and screens, it gave a complete visual overview of the innovative mobility solutions presented by VEDECOM. Origami fortune tellers were hung from the stand, bearing the message: “when choosing mobility solutions for your local area, don’t leave your decision to chance”.

A somewhat unusual approach which was hugely successful! In the run-up to elections, the exhibition was a well-timed opportunity for VEDECOM to gauge the issues facing different local authorities, in all their diversity.

Marque ta Route and VEDETECT: two of VEDECOM’s award-winning innovations at the Grand Prix de l’Innovation

Among the four innovative solutions presented by the Institute, two were recognised by the Grand Prix de l’Innovation of the Salon des Maires on 22 October and were on show to the general public for the first time.

The “Marque ta Route” software, winner of the First Prize for Innovation in the Buildings/Public Works/Highways category, is a road assets management tool based on the PhD research thesis of Maxime Redondin. It provides a set of tools for reliability analysis and assistance with the replacement of road signage, using retroreflection data to automatically analyse road marking inspections.

The VEDETECT sensor network, created by Julian Garbiso, finalist in the NITC/Information Systems category, is a real-time system for measuring and analysing mobility. It uses artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) to produce mobility measurements (flow, speed and start/end trajectories) that are comparable to results derived from more conventional methods at significantly lower cost. This solution, which will be expanded for use in estimating the density of pedestrians and passengers, will enable local authorities to better regulate traffic, and help them in formulating their transport policy.

Two VEDECOM Tech products: M’OBS and the interoperable supervisor for autonomous vehicles with enhanced perception

VEDECOM Tech also presented two new products. The M’OBS solution by VEDECOM Tech is an evaluation agency for new mobility solutions. It helps local authorities and mobility stakeholders to better understand their environment, to assess the suitability of new mobility solutions and to deliver the best possible user experience.

The commercial division of the VEDECOM Institute also showed a preview of its interoperable supervisor for autonomous vehicles with enhanced perception. Using an interface designed specifically for autonomous vehicles, the Supervisor provides access to a network of sensors installed on roadside infrastructures or in-vehicle systems. It also manages all communications between the different systems. In more concrete terms, it provides local authorities with an affordable and accessible learning and reporting tool to assist with implementing autonomous vehicle trials. It also provides assistance to transport operators and can incorporate new projects being developed by collective autonomous vehicle manufacturers.

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