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With the goal of cutting production costs for the ‘more electric vehicle’, it is vital that electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is taken into account at the very start of the development process. New power electronics, innovative charging systems etc… come with new constraints related to the electromagnetic radiation in the environment surrounding ‘the more electric vehicle’. Knowledge of these fields is crucial to comply with requirements such as:

  • environmental standards
  • recommendations on public health

Research themes

  • Study of the passive components used to filter EMC, taking operating conditions into account
  • EMC study of new power components (SiC, etc.)
  • Application: power modules (DC/DC converters, etc.)
  • EMC study of wireless charging systems
  • Development of new techniques to measure the EM field in the environment immediately surrounding ‘the more electric’ vehicle

Project description

Regardless of the functional aspect of the various modules and elements making up the electric traction and wireless charging system, the ECM of tomorrow’s ‘more electric vehicle’ will inevitably be brought down due to new constraints brought about by:

  • New electric booster technologies comprising new power switches (SiC, etc.) and new electric machine-converter topologies.
  • New wireless charging system concepts that work with very high power and currents.

All of this implies high risks in terms of electrical and electromagnetic contamination over a wide range of frequencies.

The project’s ultimate goal is to reduce electrical and electromagnetic interference between the various organs, people and the immediate environment around the more electric vehicle. This will lead to a considerable fall in the overall product cost.

To reach this goal, two lines of research—often complementary in nature—will be explored: the first is the development of electric and/or electromagnetic models for the power systems with the long-term goal of digitally simulating the more electric vehicle’s overall EMC.

The second is the set-up of testing resources able to collect the fields radiated in the immediate environment of the more electric vehicle.

Future prospects

  • Study into the shielding of the electric traction (shielding of the sub-systems, power cables, shielding of connections, etc.)
  • EMC study of new electric machine-converter topologies

Partners involved

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