Automated and autonomous vehicles



PELOPS  PErception, LOcalization and Planning Systems for automated driving Logo rouge et bleu France 2030 Renault Group, Stellantis, Continental, Transdev, ESI, EasyMile, ESTACA, CD78, ESIGELEC, CY Cergy Paris Université, UGE, Mines ParisTech, Institut Pascal 2020-2023
MOOVE2020 Acquisition, digital representation and analysis of driving situations and the vehicle’s environment in order to identify remarkable scenarios for the safety of autonomous vehicles Logo rouge et bleu France 2030 Renault Group, Stellantis, Valeo 2020-2023 Descriptive sheet
MADRAS  Study the contribution of AI to the validation of the autonomous vehicle and develop tools to enrich the driving data sets Logo rouge et bleu France 2030 Renault Group, Stellantis, Continental, CD78 2020-2022 Descriptive sheet
SAVIM  Sensors for Autonomous Vehicles and Infrastructure and its Maintenance Logo rouge et bleu France 2030 Renault Group, Stellantis, Transdev, UTAC-CERAM, RATP, CD78, Université Gustave Eiffel, Institut Pascal, ESIGELEC 2020-2023
SUAAVE SUpporting acceptance ofautomated Vehicle
Needs, wants and behaviour  of ‘Drivers’ and automated  vehicle users
31 partners including
Université Gustave Eiffel
2019-2022 Descriptive sheet More information
HI-DRIVE Aligning Research &Innovation for Connected and Automated Driving inEurope
Harmonised European  Solutions for Testing  Automated Road Transport
17 partners including Valeo 2019-2022 Descriptive sheet More information
PAC V2X Extended perception for automated driving by V2X cooperation




in real environments

SHOW SHOW – SHared automation Operating models for Worldwide adoption to demonstrate in a real environment advanced mobility concepts. The project will deploy shared, connected, cooperative, autonomous and electric mobility solutions. These concepts will be embedded in Public Transport (PT), Demand Responsive Transport (DRT), Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and Logistics as a Service (LaaS). 69 partners including UITP coordinator 2020-2023 Descriptive sheet More information
Safety and accessibility of driving and autonomous mobility in France : project management and coordination of 13 large scale experimentations 18 partners in the consortium 2019-2022 Project presentation
Descriptive sheet
More information
TIGA ROUEN Demonstration in Rouen agglomeration. Fully rethinking mobility system for Rouen French Metropol to design an large offer including all modes, services and usecases Métropole Rouen Normandie 2019-2029    More information
NAVETTY Demonstration of an autonomous shuttle service with no onboard operator, located in ArianeGroup Site Les Mureaux, comparable to an agglomeration, in order to deploy services in Yvelines territory (SW of Paris) CD78, ArianeGroup, Transdev, EasyMile 2020-2023    


Adaptation of the autonomous vehicle automation strategy (levels 3-4) and IHM to the needs and condition of drivers in real conditions   CONTINENTAL, LAB, LAMIH, LS2N, IFSTTAR, STELLANTIS 2017-2021 Descriptive sheet More information

AV-Ready transport models and road infrastructure for the coexistence of automated and conventional vehicles

prepares the transition phase during which automated and conventional vehicles will co-exist on cities’ roads

15 partners 2017-2020   More information
ARCADE Aligning Research & Innovation for Connected and Automated Driving in Europe

23 partners in the consortium

coordination : Ertico

2018-2021   More information
ESPRIT : Easily distributed Personal Rapid Transit
Develop a “train” concept of light and compact car-sharing electric vehicles that can be “nested”
Coordination : CEA-Liten 2015-2018 Descriptive sheet  
VEH08 VEH08 Delegated driving vehicle Logo rouge et bleu France 2030 PSA Groupe, Renault groupe, VALEO, Kuantic, ESI, FAAR Industry, YoGoKo, Transdev, IFPEN, ESTACA, ESIGELEC 2014-2016 Descriptive sheet  
VEH09 VEH09 Architectures and systems reliability Logo rouge et bleu France 2030 PSA Groupe, Groupe Renault, Valeo, Atos, ESTACA, Continental,
TELECOM ParisTech, Universités de Versailles, APSYS, FAAR Industry
2014-2017 Descriptive sheet  
MOOVE MOOVE Collection, identification and analysis of remarkable scenarii for automated driving, thanks to data originated by real driving Logo rouge et bleu France 2030 System X, Renault, Stellantis   Descriptive sheet More information
Safety of road users and automated driving: study of interactions between vehicles and users if introducing automated vehicles level 3, 4 and 5 in order to supply recommandation to design adapted vehicles Road Safety Foundation Ceesar, Cerema, Lab Sécurité routière, Université Gustave Eiff 2018-2022 Descriptive sheet More information
MOB02 Societal impact assessment and acceptability delegated management   PSA Groupe, Groupe Renault, Valeo, Transdev, UVSQ, FFA, MATMUT   Descriptive sheet