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French Institute of public/private Research and Training dedicated to sustainable mobility: ecological, autonomous and shared


VEDECOM’s self-driving shuttles are one year old

On 10th December 2019, VEDECOM celebrated the first anniversary of its extended-perception self-driving shuttles operating in the Satory district of Versailles. The two vehicles serve the last kilometre of the journey for employees working on Satory’s Allée des...

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l’Institut pour la Ville en Mouvement (the City on the Move Institute) is an action research space dedicated to transforming lifestyles and urban mobility in Europe and worldwide.
In a context where mobility issues are critical, its cross-cutting, diverse and international approach contributes to social, scientific and cultural innovation.

“Mobility is not just about transport, it is also a societal issue. We need to look at all of society in order to innovate.” 

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VEDECOM Tech, a commercial subsidiary of VEDECOM, provides innovative products and services that demonstrate VEDECOM’s expertise and technological foundations in order to make sustainable mobility a reality: autonomous vehicles, mobility services, on-board and off-board systems, electric machines, component testing, expertise, studies and simulations.

Training Program

The Training program is the fruit of VEDECOM’s expertise and savoir faire, covering vehicle electrification and charging, driving delegation and connectivity, as well new mobility services and uses.

From raising awareness to imparting knowledge, the training programme is based on innovative teaching methods including on-track and workshop practical activities, blended learning, serious games, etc.

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