ITE VEDECOM Is Ready for the First Forum of IRTs and ITEs!

The ITE VEDECOM will be participating in a Forum that will bring together the 8 Technological Research Institutes (IRT) and 8 Institutes for Energy Transition (ITE) on 8 October 2019, in Lille. This is the first year that the annual meeting of IRTs will include ITEs. It is an unprecedented event that will be held to promote the dynamics of collaboration pursued by the State to increase the impact of French Institutes.

Structuring powerful ecosystems to strengthen French competitiveness

Founded in 2012, Technological Research Institutes are thematic interdisciplinary research institutes that bring together higher education and research institutions, large groups and SMEs to work on a common technological research program. The challenge is to increase competitiveness through industrial research in strategic technological industries and by structuring powerful and effective ecosystems of innovation and growth around the best competitiveness clusters. Since 2013, FIT (French Institutes of Technology), the association created by IRTs to promote their exchanges, influence and drawing power, has brought its members together each year for an annual forum. It is an opportunity for Technological Research Institutes to present their results and major success stories to their partners, supervisory bodies, employees and institutions.

The 2019 IRT & ITE Forum: Bringing Together IRTs and ITEs for the First Time

The 2019 edition, which will be held on 8 October at the Hauts-de-France Regional Hotel in Lille, will include the 8 ITEs for the first time. Institutes for Energy Transition (ITE) are interdisciplinary platforms that work with carbon-free energies, aimed at the development of industries and/or services in flourishing energy sectors with a positive impact on the climate. They joined the FIT in 2019, according to the State’s intention that IRTs and ITEs increase their collaboration. The 2019 Forum of IRTs & ITEs will be hosted by the IRT Railenium, with the support of the ITE VEDECOM. It will be attended by about 430 participants, who will learn about the success stories of these 16 innovation institutes, through stands and keynotes. The Forum will be a demonstration in action of how IRTs and ITEs accelerate innovation through transfers to industry, establish international partnerships and contribute to French scientific excellence. Guillaume Boudy, Secretary General for Investment, will be present, as well as Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Secretary of State to the Minister of Economy and Finance.

3 Key Areas for VEDECOM: Sovereignty and Security, Energy and Environmental Transition, Mobility

VEDECOM will have a stand in three of the Forum’s eight theme villages. In the Sovereignty and Security village, the Institute will present the possible applications of its technologies in the field of ground-based military robotics. These could reduce the risk to human lives, especially in the context of logistical convoys and the opening of routes. The Energy and Environmental Transition Village stand will show the results of VEDECOM’s research for taking electric vehicles from a niche market to a mass market. Lastly, in the Mobility Village, VEDECOM will present the results of its research for introducing vehicles with new mobility uses.

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