In these times of lockdown, VEDECOM’s launch of its new Mobility Camp site is well timed, as it offers information about the best teaching resources for new mobility methods. The goal: to imagine a post-coronavirus world which places a strong emphasis on innovative, sustainable mobility methods. And the icing on the cake: if you’re a player in this field, you can contribute your own content to it!

This week, we focus on Europe’s Top 5 delivery robots. TwinswHeel, Starship, Kar Go, AMR and Eliport: in the current health crisis, these delivery solutions could provide a solution to the difficult balancing act of maintaining economic activity while also protecting delivery company employees. These are technologies which, in more “normal” times, will also help to address issues such as pollution reduction, shared use of space and efficiency gains.

You can find our selection of delivery robots at https://mobilitycamp.fr/experimentations/

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