Release : an in depth analysis to provide an initial assessment of the fitness of the law following the launch of autonomous vehicles

In a context where national and international laws are changing, Iolande Vingiano-Viricel, published “Autonomous vehicles: who is liable?” on 28 March (published by Editions LexisNexis).

The book addresses, in a very comprehensive manner, the issue of liability in the event of an accident. It sheds light on five key issues:

  • Does an “autonomous vehicle” require a driver?
  • Is an “autonomous vehicle” a motorised land vehicle subject to compulsory insurance?
  • Is an “autonomous vehicle” liable for damages suffered by victims in the event of a road traffic accident?
  • Is an “autonomous vehicle” liable for offences under the Penal Code and/or the Highway Code?
  • Is an “autonomous vehicle” compatible with the administrative mechanisms used to prove the identity of the person responsible?

To answer these questions, the author looks at the inventory of current laws as well as extensive case law. She also puts forward synthetic and practical diagrams to visualise, notably, events generating liability. Finally, she formulates reform proposals to support the introduction of these types of vehicles. An indispensable book for lawyers, insurers and anyone involved in dealing with these issues.

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