VEDECOM Tech is launching M’OBS, the first rating agency for new mobility solutions in France

VEDECOM Tech, a trading subsidiary of VEDECOM, is launching M’OBS, France’s first rating agency for new mobility solutions. Its goal is to enable stakeholders in the mobility sector to have a clearer overview of the wealth of new solutions and offers available including car-pooling, car-sharing, micro-mobility, self-service vehicles, etc. This clarity will be particularly useful as the lockdown ends, when users will find a changed and disrupted new mobility ecosystem awaiting them.

To update their assessments, the M’OBS teams are examining the consequences of the crisis on participants in the new mobility industry.

In the meantime, M’OBS has unveiled its first study carried out before the health crisis began: a ground-breaking ranking of mobility operators worldwide focusing on three categories: the top mobility applications, the best prices proposed by shared mobility operators and innovative practices to manage the parking of bicycles and scooters. In doing so, the selected solutions have been allocated scores based on an evaluation method which takes account of economic performance and the user experience.

Portrait Stéphane Rabatel

M’OBS came about when we noticed that there was a lack of information and benchmarks in the new mobility ecosystem. We aim to provide a 360° overview of existing national and international solutions. Each solution is assessed by the M’OBS team based on 46 analysis criteria. The objective is to help stakeholders in the mobility sector – including local authorities – to better understand both their environment and users’ expectations in order to identify the solutions best suited to their area stressed Stéphane Rabatel, Former CEO of VEDECOM Tech.