VEDECOM is very pleased to announce the defense of the thesis of Maxime REDONDIN

VEDECOM is very pleased to announce the defense of the thesis of Maxime REDONDIN on Thursday 13, December 2018 at IFSTTAR.

Directeur : Laurent BOUILLAUT, Chargé de Recherche HDR (IFSTTAR)
Encadrant : Dimitri DAUCHER, Chargé de Recherche (IFSTTAR)
Rapporteur : Anne GEGOUT-PETIT, Professeure (Université de Lorraine)
Rapporteur : Bruno CASTANIER, Professeur (Université d’Angers)
Examinateur : Arnaud DE LA FORTELLE, Directeur du Centre CAOR (Mines ParisTech)
Examinateur : Allou SAME, Chargé de Recherche HDR (IFSTTAR)
Examinateur : Pierre CHARBONNIER, Directeur de recherche (Cerema Est)
Invité : Nadège FAUL, Chef de projet (VEDECOM)


The quality and reliability of road infrastructure and its equipment play a major role in road safety. This is especially true if we are interested in autonomous car traffic. Marking lanes are detected by camera. These markings need an accurate maintenance strategy to guarantee that the markings remain perceptible. This report proposes different solutions based on the reliability and maintenance theory. Marking retroreflectivity can be dynamically inspected using a retroreflectometer. This report presents maintenance models who math with current maintenance actions. A marking lane is interpreted as multi-unit system. The strategy is based on four points : (1) If inspection data is missing or if the maintenance historic is unavailable else different estimation process based on the Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering (AHC) are proposed. (2) The AHC detects all markings whose present a specific degradation model. One given cluster is interpreted as a maintenance strategic area. (3) An EM Algorithm is proposed as an alternative to the Maximum Likelihood Estimator. This algorithm is also an estimator to censored markings life time.  (4) Two classic preventive maintenance strategies are proposed: systematic according to the age and conditioned to the current degradation. The first proposed a passive management of the mar- kings maintenance. The second ensures an advanced knowledge of the road network over the time.

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