Mobility is something you learn! VEDECOM is launching its 1st immersive e-learning course on autonomous vehicles

Since Google began its experiments, self-driving vehicles have been front of stage internationally. Car manufacturers, laboratories and regional authorities have been regularly making announcements on developments to or experiments with this type of vehicle. There are many challenges, ranging from the onboard technological innovations in these new mobility vessels to the new uses that are emerging, not forgetting how to integrate these cars into the social and economic fabric.

The research and training institute VEDECOM has drawn on its expertise and experience to launch the first online training module that deals with all themes linked to driverless vehicles: their architecture, functions, (perception, localisation, planning, decision-making and action), connectivity with other vehicles and infrastructure. The module also tackles the regulatory aspects of testing and accreditation that are required to authorise self-driving vehicles to be driven and sold. This very thorough module also looks at societal, human and legal challenges for driverless vehicles and their environment.

What is the situation today? What are the technological hurdles to be overcome? What are the perspectives for trialling and deploying them in our regions?

VEDECOM answers these questions with this interactive module – you will be making a journey at the wheel of a self-driving vehicle. You will embark upon a journey in an autonomy level 0 vehicle and finish in a level 5 (full automation) one. You will be greeted with different content and quizzes, throughout your educational voyage.

Whether you are a novice or more experienced, work in the mobility field or just interested in the sector, take a drive through the five automation levels. VEDECOM e-learning courses are available free online via our LMS platform:

Length of the e-learning course: 45 minutes, broken down into short modules.


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