VEDECOM and the Institut pour la Ville en Mouvement (IVM) attend AUTONOMY 2018, from 18 to 20 October

Focus on learning on new mobilities: How to better understand the transformations underway in the mobility ecosystem. Existing and future support systems…

We are delighted to announce our participation in AUTONOMY, the Summit on Urban Mobility from 18 to 20 October, 2018, at the Grande Halle de La Villette.
For this third edition, we will address the hot topic of learning on new mobilities. Given the technical complexity and upheaval in the roles of players, it is becoming essential to use training for better understanding.
Many organisations (training organisations, associations, etc.) are committed to this subject and are offering a variety of innovative solutions to meet the needs for acquisition of skills for the entire new mobility ecosystem, including manufacturers and service operators, local authorities, start-ups and citizens.

We hope to see many of you to discuss the current changes and the existing and future learning systems. The aim is to better understand the emerging technologies and uses.

To reserve your ticket to the exhibition and share our experience, go to:
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Round table on learning about mobilities; join in the discussion:

Mobility systems and services are profoundly changing. The new technologies and the many uses make situations complicated. To design and deploy sustainable, safe and useful mobility systems and services, we need to understand them and experience them.

What are the needs of the players attending (manufacturers, local authorities, users)? How are these needs taken into account? What are the learning systems that exist or can be developed?

Come and discuss these questions at our round table: Learning about mobilities presented by VEDECOM and attended by prestigious schools, local authorities and manufacturers on Friday 19 October 2018 at 2pm.


Coralie Renard: Marketing and Sales Manager – Autonomous Transport Systems – TRANSDEV
Geneviève Metz: Director of Telecom Evolution and Specialised Telecom Masters Paris Tech
Carole Forte: Director of Mobility services Rambouillet Regions – TORNADO experiment project manager
Mireille Apel-Muller: Director of the Institut pour la Ville en Mouvement-VEDECOM
Sylvie Thromas: Training Programme Director – VEDECOM

Preview our e-learning on self-driving vehicles:

The stakes for self-driving vehicles are numerous: they involve new embedded technologies and connectivity, as well as the new uses that they are generating. Their incorporation into the economic and social fabric, the offering of services and uses, and the development of urban spaces are also called into question by the arrival of these new objects. What is the situation at present? What is the outlook? VEDECOM is responding with a new immersion training module, online and accessible to all.

Come and experience it at our booth from 18 to 20 October 2018

  En Route “, a learning kit to broaden the range of mobility actions

Not all citizens are equal with respect to the complexity of cities and their networks. Today still, there are obstacles (of varying degrees depending on individuals) of a cognitive, psycho-social and cultural nature, which are significant for around one quarter of France’s population: more than one in four people consider that they are not equipped to use the transport systems offered by their city (source: Obsoco, Chronos, Ademe, CGET, VEDECOM, 2017) and respectively 22% and 29% of people have given up trying to reach a destination that they do not know, either due to emotional apprehension (fear of getting lost, not arriving), or due to lack of information or organisation for travel (source: Elabe, 2018). Given this reality, IVM has designed an instructional serious game intended for all audiences. Through role-playing in various travel scenarios, it helps players find their way in a complex urban environment, and uses humour to soothe feelings of panic and urgency.

Learn how to play the game “En route! ” and discover your mobility profile at our booth E28 from 18 to 20 October 2018. See the teaser.

 Decision-makers and urban planners – do you have all the tools to successfully conduct a self-driving vehicle experiment? 

The recent laws on Mobility and the Strategic Positioning Plan for public action for Development of automated vehicles invites players from the relevant regions to test innovative mobility solutions, including the use of self-driving vehicles. However, implementing an experiment using self-driving vehicles is complex. Learning about technologies, project organisation (roles of players, financing, administration, etc.) and citizen involvement are the major issues and those that require support.

Share VEDECOM’s feedback via our new training for local authorities to help them prepare for a self-driving vehicle  experiment.


Take the challenge and try to win a spot in one of our training courses:

Self-driving vehicles arouse our imaginations and are a hot topic of discussion… The gap between scientific reality and the narrative concerning this issue is sometimes disconcerting… And it requires constant vigilance to sort through the flow of information. To separate truth from rumour on self-driving vehicles, experts from VEDECOM Institute have designed a quiz with 10 Q&As: Test yourself and try to win a spot in one of our training courses!

We will also be presenting a number of initiatives from our partners and players in the ecosystem, including:

  • New MOOCs and online content, accessible to all
  • New further training and/or diploma qualification
  • Innovative third-party places for mobility
  • Planning or learning games

And above all: tell us what you think: over to you!

Is your connection to new mobilities professional or personal?
Do you feel a need for training or advice for yourself or your teams?
Tell us what you need in terms of support: we are listening!

Download the programme in PDF 

Read the press release

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