Congratulations to Oyunchimeg SHAGDAR, the first VEDECOM PhD to obtain her habilitation to supervise research (HDR)

Oyunchimeg SHAGDAR, PhD, researcher in Eco-Mobility Program, obtained her HDR on the 6th of September from University de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, under the title of “Optimizing Wireless Communications in Dense Mobile Environments”.

The HDR Habilitation to supervise research is the highest and the last academic qualification, earned after obtaining a PhD. This qualification confers official recognition of the high scientific level of the candidate, her capability to build research strategy in a major scientific or technological field and her ability to supervise PhD students.

Professor Féthi Ben Ouezdou, Scientific Director at VEDECOM, congratulated Oyunchimeg Shagdar for her HDR and warmly thanked the jury. He focused on the Institute’s ambition to encourage more researchers to apply for HDR qualification. VEDECOM’s aim is to become member of a University of Paris-Saclay Doctoral School, once the number of HDRs is significant.

Optimizing Wireless Communications in Dense Mobile Environments

The ever-increasing number of connected devices and the limited radio resources bring the need of solutions for reliable communications in dense environments. If communication protocols are not well designed, the wireless dense network suffers from channel congestion problem. The impact of channel congestion is serious in distributed networks, such as vehicular networks, which need to serve for applications with stringent requirements.

With the objective of improving communication quality in dense mobile environments, Oyunchimeg Shagdar and her colleagues developed different wireless communications solutions dedicated to Intelligent Transportation Systems. Specifically targeting road safety and automated driving applications, the researchers presented algorithmic contributions, mathematical analysis, and performances evaluations through computer simulations and experiments.


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