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The goal of the self-driving vehicle project is to develop a vehicle enabling automation within some predefined speed and usage ranges. It targets automation levels 4 and 5, and level 3 applications can be deduced from it (SAE definition).

Research themes

There are many research themes in the self-driving vehicle project: the theory on artificial intelligence, filtering, signal processing, optimisation issues, game theory, etc. They aim to respond to the following issues:

  • Localisation and mapping
  • Environmental perception and data merging
  • Trajectory planning
  • Optimised vehicle control

Other research areas concern the integration of results into prototypes and demonstrators:

  • The development of platforms and connectivity
  • Demonstrators

Project description

If a vehicle is to be autonomous, it has to be able to complete the tasks of environmental perception and comprehension, positioning with regard to a given mission, and to plan the actions required to fulfil the objectives and to control the vehicle and its actuators. These functions are approached in the different research themes described above.

The project will produce the technical functions, demonstrators and validations required for the development of pre-competitive products for self-driving in urban and semi-urban environments.

Future prospects

Full automation of the vehicle in certain conditions (of speed or reliability) over the years to come.

Partners involved

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