VEDECOM at the controls of the ‘Autonomous Mobility’ area at ALD’s BlueFleet Day

On 24 October 2019 VEDECOM presented its solutions at ALD’s BlueFleet Day. The seventh edition of this key meeting in the world of vehicle fleet management took place at the Linas-Montlhéry circuit. Six different experiences were on offer to visitors for a chance to discuss and experience the challenges of the energy transition and mobility of tomorrow. VEDECOM Tech, the commercial subsidiary of VEDECOM, was responsible for running the ‘Autonomous Mobility’ area: an opportunity to do a bit of training and let Framboise navigate the urban zone of UTAC-CERAM’s brand new technology testing centre Teqmo, dedicated to connected and automated mobility.

The challenge was significant for VEDECOM at BlueFleet Day organised by ALD Automotive, the leader in long-term vehicle rental and management of vehicle fleets. It was about presenting autonomous mobility to a very wide audience who is not necessarily familiar with this type of technology. An entire area was therefore dedicated to level-4 autonomous vehicles: a VEDECOM autonomous Zoé and also Framboise, one of VEDECOM Tech’s two shuttles, usually in service in the Satory district of Versailles. Visitors were able to board one or other of the vehicles for a demonstration.

When they returned, they were set challenges in the form of quizzes to test their knowledge about the autonomous vehicle and new mobility solutions in the VEDECOM Training team’s igloo. For example: “Not counting level 0, how many levels of vehicle automation are there?” or “How many scooter companies currently operate in Paris?” This was an opportunity to show the multiple alternatives and supplements to the vehicles offer, particularly active modes of mobility.

At the end there was a talk by Guillaume Bresson, Director of Driving Delegation and Connectivity at VEDECOM, to shed some light on the autonomous vehicle, its levels of autonomy and predictions for the future according to different time frames.

An extremely beneficial day, allowing hundreds of people to see autonomous mobility up close!

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