Release : a preliminary analysis of autonomous vehicles to avoid running off course

Is this the end of accidents, gridlock, and pollution ? Many are those who consider the arrival of autonomous vehicles on our roads as key to responding to current mobility challenges. But thus far, the technological questions have overshadowed the essential debates and any reasoned approach has been clouded by the fantasies generated by autonomous vehicles.

In an effort to get to the bottom of this burning issue, Jean-Pierre Orfeuil and Yann Leriche, two of the most prominent experts in the field, are releasing their book “Piloting the Autonomous Vehicle – Serving the City” this Thursday, March 7, 2019, from Descartes & Cie’s Mobile Cultures Collection.

According to them, autonomous vehicles, whatever their disruptive potential, will not be designing a new world on an blank sheet of paper. After providing an overview of our current understanding of the subject and delving into each development hypothesis, the authors review the concrete conditions we will set for the arrival of autonomous vehicles in our cities and lives. They have developped a unique analysis tool : TRUST. They thus invite us to move forward to prevent the promised autonomous vehicle running off course, but allow it to develop towards the collective good.

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Book cover translation : “There is an important difference between the autonomous vehicle and the use of the aforementioned objects and systems. The use of the internet or a smartphone falls within a private relationship.”

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